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A Wonderful Idea - Part 1
I've decided I'm going to try my hand at (fictional) writing. Constructive (but please, kind) criticism is always welcome, as are encouraging comments!

Now that she was on my bed, knocked out, her shirt torn from her attempt to escape from me, revealing one of her breasts but covering the other - I owned her.  Her long, straight, fiery red hair lay sprawled on the bed with some strands haven fallen haplessly across her face.  Her gently closed eyelids hit electric, light green eyes.   A slender 5'9", she had been the thing of dreams for a long time.  But not anymore.

I brought out the rope.

With four mid-sized pieces (I wanted enough to prevent her from hitting me, but still some give so I could enjoy her writhing beneath me), I tied each of her limbs to all four bed posts.  Her jean shorts had been removed by me shortly after I had successfully injected her with the sedative - after that I just had to hold her until she fell limp, we she did, obviously.  Only her white panties remained, and her long, delightful legs lay there before me, beckoning me, no - introducing and inviting me, to what lay between them.  I used scissors to remove her panties and the rest of her shirt, leaving her completely naked on my bed, her slender body waiting for me... only she just didn't know it yet.

Jade awoke.  She felt cold.  Her head hurt.

"Ummh...", she groaned and raised her body. Just then she must have remembered.

"Fuck, fuck! You son of a bitch!" she cried and yelled out, "You fucking son of a bitch, you'll never get away with this - you ass hole, you can't keep me here forever," she writhed against the restraints.  It just turned me on more.  I watched her breasts jiggle,I watched her hips move.  "I'll get out and tell everyone, EVERYONE, you FUCK!"

I decided to see what she was made of.  I got onto the bed, quiet, naked, my 8 inch long, 2 inch thick cock hard as rock, it's tip wet.  I lowered myself onto her writing body - she spat on me and yelled and cursed some more, but the weight of my 170lb athletic body was no match for her.  I felt her warm skin against mine, my cock rubbed against the inside of her thigh.  I kissed her breast and licked it hard, then, suddenly bit her nipple with my teeth.

"OW! You FUCK!".  She continued, but I just focused, I knew she had it in her, I just wanted to bring it out - my tongue flickered over her just bitten nipple, my hand moved up her hip, up the side of her body and to her other breast, twisting her nipple hard between my forefinger and thumb.  "Unngh... stop, just stop - you - please... just stop it".  Hm.  Interesting.  I rubbed my hardened cock against the outside of her cunt - and was delighted to find...  that she did have it in her.  She was wet.  Then I knew I was ok.  My judgment of her was right - she was going to love this.

My hand immediately moved downwards to her wet cunt, I smiled, "You're a sub.  I know you are.  You're wet - you can't deny that you like this."  My hand began working her, and quickly I had three fingers fucking her, my thumb occasionally massaging her clit.

"You're... you're a fucker is what you are - you're a fucking monster... mhmm... stop..." her breaths quickened between words, and I knew I had her. 

"Why don't you just relax and enjoy this - or, perhaps don't, you like it this way, you like it wrong," I said between brief moments of mouthing her breasts, licking them up to her neck, biting her ear lobes.  I noticed that she had her eyes closed, tears had been streaking down the side to the bed, but she was not biting her bottom lip, and her writhing, while still present and hot as ever (though they were her "attempt" to escape) had diminished in intensity.  I continue to finger fuck her, my cock bouncing occasionally against her hip, leaving traces of my pre-cum on her body.  She continued to fight, I continued to love every minute of it.

Then I stopped. "You're going to love this, Jade." 

"Fuck you," she said, still her eyes closed, her efforts to writhe out of her bonds now minimal.  Her cunt engorged and wet as she lay upon a small area of juice-drenched bedsheets.  I went to the corner of my room near the closet, and pulled out the custom designed object.  It was made of strong black plastic, it had a flat, circular base about a foot and a half in diameter, and a 2 inch thick, 10 inches long, plastic rod that protruded out of the center of it.  I brought it back to the bed.

"Open your eyes Jade."  She did, frowning at me with fear and lust.  "This is my own creation.  It will guarantee you a great time."

"What the fuck is that? You pervert, what the hell are you going to do with that?"

"It's quite simple, this flat platform goes underneath you, and the rod, will go right into that fine ass of yours.  It's designed so that if it goes completely in, you'll tear your colon, and have to live the rest of your life shitting out of a bag - but if you do as you're supposed and keep your cunt up in my mouth, you'll have the pleasure of my tongue in your cunt, and essentially being fucked in the ass at the same time.  Great isn't it?"

Her writhing picked up, she fought against the ropes, "you're sick! You're a sick mother fucker!  Get away from me! Please, stay away!" She screamed, but noticeably, she did not start crying.

"You'd better hold still," I said as I approached her with my toy," otherwise this will cause you a lot of pain.  I knelt between her legs, wormed my arm around her left thigh, holding her up as she fought me (and she certainly could have fought harder), placed the flat portion down on the bed, the rod (which I had lubed) sticking up into her ass - then maneuvered the rod into her hole - which was quite tight by the feel of it.

"Ohhh... you... ohh shit...  unhh!"  Her pleasure was apparent as she kept her hips up, her cunt now having risen to my chest level as I knelt between her legs.  I helped her by holding her thighs up with my hands and dove into her core.  My mouth engulfed her pussy, creating a seal around her most glorious part, and I began blowing my hot breath onto her, puffing my cheeks in and our rapidly as my tongue jutted out and first tantalized her clit, then licked rapidly up and down between her pussy lips, tasting her delicious juices, penetrating her intermittently.  Meanwhile, Jade had completely melted - her hips were lodged up into my mouth, but moved slightly up and down as she enjoyed being fucked by the toy from behind.  "Mmmhh... oh god... ohhhh".  She moaned with her eyes closed as her hips pressed with urgency and ecstasy against my mouth, almost forcing my tongue into her cunt deeper, where I danced inside, licking, stroking her from the inside. 

She had become mine, and now I would show her what she had always wanted.

To be continued...


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