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A Wonderful Idea - Part 2
Jade felt the mix of intense pleasure and a little bit of pain as Lassard tongue fucked her like a professional.  His tongue was wide and agile, and his maneuvers in and around her cunt made her want him ever so much.  While the initial shock and horror was genuine, she was surprised at how quickly she had given in to his finger, mouth and tongue - and now, not to mention, this unbelievable fuck toy he'd conjured up.  Surges of pleasure ran through her body as she felt the lubricated rod slide back and forth across her anus inside her.  Occasionally she'd weaken and feel it go a little too deep, but somehow the pain that came with that simply made her more wet, and more desirous...  she loved the tongue, but she longed now for the good, hard fuck.  "Ohhh... you fucker...  you're a bastard...", she definitely meant the first one, and by now she had given herself away since with every curse at him she rammed her pussy harder into Lassard's face - wanting it more and more.
It was time.  I removed my self from Jade's now completely engorged, completely wet mound.  The bed beneath her soaked.  Her breathing deep and rapid, her eyes closed, her hips still in the air because of the threat of more insidious aspect of the fuck toy (she still moved her self up and down slightly, enjoying the rod in her back hole).  I lifted her ass up and removed the toy, allowing her to fall back onto the bed with a brief moan, her waist and hips snaking up towards me as she clearly longed for what she knew came next.  And I didn't want to disappoint.  Then, to my surprise... she spoke.
"Lassard... aahhmhm..." Deep breaths.  "Lassard..."
"Yes, Jade?"
"Are you...  going to...  use a condom... mmh... please..." 
I smiled. And then I lay my self upon her, my cock - condom-free - it's tip wet, touched her entrance, and I whispered next to her ear.  "No."
"Lassard... NO! FUCK!"  She exclaimed as my cock penetrated her wet, tight hole.  "Please! No!" I began to fuck her, gently at first, a slow rhythmic movement as I slid back and forth inside her, feeling her hot walls squeeze down against my rod.
"You're my slave, Jade" I said between breaths, "a slave has no choice, you are my little whore, my cum bucket... mhhmm... to use and abuse as I see fit... mmh...  and you're not... ...leaving here until you know that so well that... you can't remember your life...  before you became my slave..." With that I began to fuck her hard - she would learn her place.
"Ohh!  FUCK!  FUCK!  You... can't!   Ohh... fuck me yes... YES!"  The flash of horror returned at Lassard's statements, but he had melted her so well - somehow he had known about her intense hidden desire for this... some how... there was no turning back now, the thought of her being his little fuck toy simply added to the ecstasy that surged through her body as she squeezed down on his cock with each of his thrusts...  her hands clenched the bed sheets as this went on for god knows how long...  until -
"Ohh shit, I'm going to cum!" yelled Lassard, as Jade herself climaxed - with one hard thrust, Lassard jammed his cock as deep into Jade's pussy as possible, and she felt his hot cum fill her and leak down and around her outside as waves of her orgasm spread through her body - her pussy contracting down against his hard cock - "FUCK!  FUCK!  OHHH FUCK ME!"  She screamed as Lassard lay atop her, frowining, his mouth slightly open, his body shuddering with hers.  Jade's toes curled, she felt dizzy with heat and pleasure, as Lassard continued some post-orgasm, gentler, thrusts. 
They lay there for what seemed like hours.  Lassard made Jade lick clean his cock, and out of the kindness of his heart, he returned the favor.  Eventually, he untied her, told her that there was a bathroom and some clothes in the closet.  And then walked out of his basement, locking the door behind him. 
Jade sat on the bed alone, fucked, and ready as ever to be this belonging.  She cleaned up, and fell asleep naked under the bed sheets.


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