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Thoughts I Like
These are kind of random.  I'll also be writing about an absolutely WONDERFUL experience I had with the one who opened me up (let's just say, I love summer - more to follow on that).

1.  You are my slave, ready and willing, I just picked you up from the market, and you're in your black, short dress.  We're on the way to a banquet for charity.  I command you to suck my dick on the way, but I don't let you make me cum until we are parked outside the banquet hall, where I have you lift your dress, lower your panties, and I spread your pussy lips and cum inside you - then pull the panties back up.  Now you have to deal with my cum dripping out of you for the rest of the night, and I'll enjoy myself looking at you rush off to the corner to lift your skirt slightly to wipe your inner thighs, while looking this way and that to be sure no one sees you.  I'll laugh, and you'll love it, because you know that that's exactly what I wanted from you.  You are literally, my cum bucket.
2.  I come home from work, and if you did as I commanded, you are standing there, pants down, bent over, when I open the door.  I close the door behind me and I begin fucking you in the ass.  You've never had this before.  It's your first time.  It's painful.  But by the end of it you get a glimpse of the pleasure that's in store for the future.  After I'm done cumming in your ass I put my coat down and sit down to read the newspaper.  We have dinner.  And I love the sight of your panties being wet from behind when you bend over again and show me what I've done after dessert. 
3.  After another night where you've sucked me off, I cum in your mouth - you are not to swallow.  You are to take that cum and lube yourself with it as you get yourself off in front of me.  I love the sight of my cum in and around your cunt.  I love to think of it as an imposter in your vagina, marking you as my territory.  And as you make yourself cum, squirting all over my bed, I cum again on you, on your breasts, neck and face.  Your body is my playground, and I am it's maintainer.


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