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Veronica - Part 2
delitefultongue the rate of her hips rhythmically moving in ecstasy increased, and each time she lifted herself slightly off the bed she pushed her cunt up into my mouth more - "Ohhh...  ohhh..." she started moaning as I tongued her from the front, and pumped her rhythmically from behind with my two fingers, "Mmhmm...  please... Lassard...  I want you in me... cum in me... please..."  I was only happy to oblige.  I removed my fingers from her ass, and with one last, deep lick and slurp (taking her juices into my mouth) I released myself from her, laying her on the bed - she reacher her arms out towards me, beckoning, begging me to come to her - I lay atop her, kissed her, letting her own juices fall into her mouth - she wrapped her arms around my back tight, pulling me into her, biting my lip almost too hard as she smiled devilishly and said, "Come on..." she pushed her cunt up against my hanging, thick, hard (and wet) cock, "I want you in me now." 
I penetrated her, and she released a sigh of what seemed to be relief coupled with pleasure, "Mmmmh.... Mmmhhh...  hhho yesss..." - our hips moved in circular tandem as I pumped inside her, deeper and deeper, faster.  Her walls were so tight, so wet and hot. I kissed her on her lips and on her cheeks as she tilted her head back with her eyes shut, her beautiful pink lips parted ever so slightly, her chest rising and falling with deep breaths.  I increased the rate of my loving thrusts, tilting up to rub up against her upper soft wall, and she almost jumped, screaming, "OH!  Lassard! Oh, baby, YES!" as I rubbed up against her G - our love-making continued, until finally I couldn't hold myself anylonger, and Veronica, beautiful Veronica, had made it clear that she was ready, "Oh GOD I'm going to come! Oh FUCK!  YES!! YESS!"  Her pussy walls squeezed down hard against my shaft as I shuddered inside her, spilling my hot cum, filling her up, she wrapped her legs around mine and tried to make our bodies even more "one" than they already were, her body shaking from the orgasms spreading through her - "OHhhhH!!!  Ohhhhh!"  Her screams and moans of pleasure were music to my ears as we came into each other...
...soon thereafter, we still lay there, me still in her, loving the feeling of my tired cock in her resting home - smiling at each other, kissing each other, and telling each other with our eyes that we would love to do this again... and again... and again.


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