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Veronica - Part 1
Veronica was a mix of Caucasian and Hispanic.  She stood at about 5'5", had beautiful brown eyes which were tapered at the ends, luscious lips and curly brown hair that fell to mid-back.  She was always a tease, and I don't know if she knew it.  Working as a clerk in a busy hospital, on one of the busiest floors, she could be seen moving quickly between her central desk and the various cabinets and drawers behind her; her tight black pants outlined her curvy figure as she walked - everything from her round, tight ass to her heavenly hips (had she had any men place their hand on those hips as she rode them into the night?) was taunting.  When she would stand to announce a phone call, she would be looking down at her desk, busy with work still, but she looked like a lustrous mistress seducing all the men in the room, her eyelids lowered, her lips parted just slightly, and a significant portion of her chest bare because of the light blue shirt she wore with three buttons undone.  She wasn't a busty girl, but she wasn't tiny either (not that I discriminate) - her body, her face, her very presence, was a thing of dreams.

We had never really talked other than for work, but I was fortunate enough over a period of a year to make her laugh enough to open up to me, and soon we would talk and flirt daily in the corridors of the hospital.  It began with text pages to each other which made us laugh in the middle of the day, and it ended with my texting her, "Ok, so do you want to go out to dinner some time?"  And her response, "Yes : )"
It was the same "yes" her eyes said to me as kissed the first time - in her bedroom in her apartment in Chicago.  As I kissed her I caressed the side of her face, ran my fingers through her hair, and our tongues slithered into each others' mouths.  I felt her shift her legs apart a bit, increasing the enticing gap created by her short black skirt.  As I began to kiss her softly down her neck, she tilted her head back slightly and closed her eyes, her legs spread apart further, and when my hand gently touched her inner thigh and worked it's way up, I was shocked to find that her panties were almost soaked (at least the part I touched) - I slowly, rhythmically started rubbing her up, massaging her pussy with my hand as I kissed her now on her chest - which gradually revealed itself to me in all its glory, as she unbuttoned her blouse. 

Veronica's breathing was more deep now, I continued to kiss her all over her upper body - her lips, her breasts, her neck, her ears, her shoulders, as my hands worked her down below.  Soon her panties and skirt were off her and on the floor, and me loving what would come next so much, looked into her beautiful eyes, and smiled.

It was those same eyes that were closed that night, as her hips shifted up to meet my mouth, her naked legs spread apart and her glorious slit before me as I dove into her, my mouth engulfing her and my tongue penetrating, writhing within her, making her body gyrate with pleasure as she breathed deeply - she ruffling the black hair on my head as she begged for more, trying to have me deeper in her.  Her juices leaking into and around my mouth.  When my mouth was completely around her pussy, my tongue deep inside her, I would hum with a deep voice, so as to cause subtle vibrations in her - she would push my face into her cunt even harder.  I loved every minute of it.  I wagged my tongue quickly from side to side, then alternating between that and long, hard, licks, starting at the bottom, penetrating her slightly on my way up and then finishing by licking across the clit.  "Oh fuck, FUCK!" She exclaimed.  Two of my fingers snaked around and penetrated her back hole - she gasped (it seemed that she had never been penetrated in this way before) and I could feel her ass contract as she grabbed the sheets with her hands...

...shall I continue?  The first person to respond with where they want this to go will have it their way.


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